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Reedy Books Pty Ltd is a small educational publishing company based in Sydney, Australia.

Our most recent publication, Study Right: a simple guide to effective study, has been embraced by students and educational institutions alike, selling over 30,000 copies within the first month of publication.

Study Right is a simple and practical guide designed to help students with a range of issues including

  • exam preparation
  • writing assignments and reports
  • notetaking skills
  • managing yourself in class
  • how to retain information
  • time management
  • dealing with study-related stress.

Study Right is written in plain English with realistic and easy to follow suggestions. It’s a “must have” for students of all levels who wants to improve their study skills, particularly:

  • secondary school students
  • students completing their HSC
  • university students
  • TAFE students

At only $10.45 (including postage), Study Right represents excellent value.
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